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  • We are a group of people who want to express our love for sports. We give our daily thoughts and opinions on all sports, which include Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, College Athletics, and many more. We also have our own podcast, like stated in the home section. If you would like to listen, make sure to search up ¨BSO Podcast" on apple podcasts or copy the link we provided on the home page.
  • Kurt Zottl- Kurt Zottl is a diehard Washington sports fan all around. From Redskins to Nationals to Capitals to Wizards, he loves all sports. He is also a huge Southampton FC fan, a premier league team in England. Kurt hopes to do something with commentary in the future, as he loves talking non-stop about sports. He is a member of the BSO account, and he thanks all of you guys for your great support on helping make this account possible. 
  • Michael Garrity- Michael Garrity is from Boston, which means he loves the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. Michael also loves Liverpool, an English Premier League team. Michael would like to pursue sports journalism in the future. He also would like to thank everyone for making this account possble, and appreciates the support.
  • Cameron Andrade- Cameron Andrade is a diehard sports fan for all the teams he supports. He is from Charlotte, and loves his Hornets, Duke Blue Devils, Hurricanes, Braves, and Ravens ever since he can remember. He is also a fan of the best club in the world, Arsenal. He sticks with his teams through thick and thin. Cameron wishes to pursue analytics amd become a sports analyst for ESPN, or even have his own sports talk show. Cameron thanks Kurt for the opportunity he has given him and for everyone involved in this BSO account. He also loves the fans and appreciates their amazing support.
  • Jackson Lewer-Jackson Lewer is a Charlotte born Minnesota fan. He loves the Vikings, Gophers, and T-Wolves. Also a fan of the Hornets, his favorite sport to cover is probably NBA followed closely by the NFL. He currently is located in Montana, and loves to make some late night posts. He will be focusing on Twitter and Instagram, and loves grinding on his twitch strea, Go follow him @MrSwishTTV.
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